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Buddha’s teachings most relevant to resolve global issues 1

Barbara Maas, a renowned wildlife biologist and conservationist trained in Cambridge, andher team are busy making a video to be distributed across Buddhist monasteries of Vietnam. Its message is direct:

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Buddhist Women honoured on International Women’s Day 0

A ceremony to confer awards to “outstanding women in Buddhism” was held in Taiwan on 8 March, the day recognized worldwide as International Women’s Day. A total of 14 women,

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Thai Youth Learn to Develop a ‘Mindful’ Economic Behaviour 0

CHIANG MAI (IDN | Lotus News Features*) – The Mindfulness fad sweeping across the West today may be the new money-spinner for those “gurus” who charge hundreds of dollars for

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IBC patron and Supreme Head of Mongolian Buddhists, Khamba Lama Gabju on the Buddhist Revival in Mongolia 0

The highest-ranking Buddhist leader of Mongolia, who turns 60 this year, is worried. He is particularly worried about the growing materialism and intensifying activities of non-Buddhist missionaries in his country.

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In his opening remarks, Dr. Pongsak Semson, Advisor to the Culture Minister of said, “India and Thailand have enjoyed a close relationship for many centuries. India has had a deep

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