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Tag "Devni Mori Project"

Strong leadership needed to save Planet Earth: IBC 2

Dr Barbara Maas, Head, International Species Conservation, NABU International Foundation for Nature, and Secretary, IBC Standing Committee on Environment & Conservation, speaking at the ‘Samvad – Global Hindu-Buddhist Initiative on

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IBC and Gujarat Govt in building Grand Vihara at Devni Mori 0

Devni Mori was in ancient times an important Buddhist destination in Gujarat, dating back to the 3rd-4th century AD. In more recent times, the findings of remains of a stupa,

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IBC efforts brings relief for Monasteries in Nepal 0

The Sri Lankan government has approved a proposal to support the re-construction of a Buddhist Monastery and a Hindu Temple damaged in the recent earthquake in Nepal. This request was

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Boxanagar, a new chapter in the heritage of Tripura. 0

Archaeological explorations and excavations have substantiated two Buddhist centres in the north-east Indian state of Tripura. One of them is located at Shyam Sundar Tila in South Tripura district and

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IBC Initiative: Dialogue on Vinaya: A first in centuries 1

At a two-day Dialogue on Vinaya  held on March 18-19, 2015, senior monks of the Nalanda tradition based in India, and high-ranking monks of the Theravada tradition from Sri Lanka

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